Smartphone Audit and End User Experience

TNSS Global uses its multivendor tool which provides a perfect correlation between the Performance Measurement, Configuration & Fault Management which provides a detailed analysis.


End user experience is another key area for most of the operator since it leads to Strong position and loyal customer base with low churn, high ARPU, it positions the operator in world class network. Most of the operators are good at managing the legacy KPI like data and voice, high ARPU customer needs more attention specially their experience of data requirements while using new applications and smartphone. With the emergence of smartphone data usages is growing fast and so are is the customer expectations.

TNSS Global has a strong portfolio to present its customer global view of end user experience and service assurance. Mobile broad band has brought many changes not only in life style of mobile users but the way network need to dimension and optimized. Smartphone generates more data than feature phone and increases the network complexity in terms of quality optimization and capacity dimensioning.

TNSS Global Smartphone audit portfolio focuses more on network impact caused by Smartphone and give recommendations for more efficient use of network resources. A general trend in the network behaviour after smartphone introduction is resource usage that is directly impacting operators cost therefor proactive approach to monitor the network performance and resource utilisation. TNSS analyses both subjective and objective data collected from all network building blocks and field measurement and analyse the impact in the network. Through smartphone audit we provide a better understanding of what kind of UEs are present in the network and how the end-users utilize the network resources.

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