Billing & Charging System

Our support services include but not limited to RAN, CORE, Billing (audit and Integration)

Verification of CS Core analysis tables

This service shall measure and verify that all chargeable calls in the switching network and prepaid rating engine are generating a CDR for all the relevant traffic cases.

Charging systems

A Charging audit can cover a number of functional areas across the switching and billing systems. The main areas for investigation can be divided into the following:

  • Verification of CS Core analysis tables
  • Charging System performance analysis
  • CBiO audit

Core Network Dimensioning

The core configuration and dimensioning service shall cover all MSS, MGw, STP, HLR and FNR nodes. An audit of these nodes will have emphasis on interconnectivity and signalling. The scope of work for the configuration review shall include the following:

  • Signalling network topology and physical connectivity check
  • Node configuration related to signaling
  • Signalling Link dimensioning check
  • Redundancy and load sharing in signalling network
  • M3P3 routing configuration
  • M3UA and SCTP configuration check
  • SCCP/MTP/GT routing check
  • MGw related configuration for signalling
  • Signalling layer parameters (TCAP, SCCP, M3UA, MTP3, SCP, CIP/IP, CIP/SS7…etc)
  • Overall recommendations for signalling network architecture

Charging and Billing in One (CBiO)

The CBiO audit service and tool is designed as a system to automate various requests from Ericsson/Operator for certain specialized tasks ranging from:

  • Monitoring & Fraud Prevention
  • Verification/Audit & Revenue Assurance Activities

(with emphasis on CBiO Solution Package)

Revenue Assurance

The Revenue Assurance service mainly covers post-billing systems and functions. This service can be delivered as a stand-alone service or it can be combined with the other charging services covering

Charging System Audit

This service is a comprehensive audit mainly for Service Data Point (SDP) & Charging Control Node (CCN) nodes so as to provide the operator with valuable recommendations to improve the performance, quality and grade of service of the CS network.