Auditing all cellular network Building blocks

TNSS Specialized in End to End network performance audit that include but not limited to CORE, IN/VAS and Radio. This means the ability to analyze the end user perceived performance and quality of services (applications), and the ability to identify the reasons for bad quality. The service area interfaces RNI, TNI, CNI, IP / IP CORE for in depth analysis of the mobile network and give recommendations to resolved issue that are affecting the end user but can’t be visible by daily KPI’s.


The E2E network audit combines analysis from Core and RAN so as to provide a clearer picture of the performance for the user and the network operator. By correlating Performance Management, Configuration Management and Fault Management data across CS, PS, IP and RAN we are able to connect and combine analysis from all the important functions. This allows us to measure, analyse, report and troubleshoot problems right through the network, and at the same time provide meaningful information for the operator that can be used to enhance user experience.

TNSS Global uses its multivendor tool which provides a perfect correlation between the Performance Measurement, Configuration & Fault Management which provides a detailed analysis.