Why Choose Us ?

TNSS® Global Portfolio Pyramid

TNSS® Global have recently increased its footprint and delivering multi million dollars projects across Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. Our experienced and trained personnel have established great rapport with the most exacting customer in the market.

The strong keys of our organization are the established delivery networks, access to top class & skilled professionals , which is evident from the successful delivery of these projects.

The TNSS Global portfolio is divided into 4 main parts covering all of our offerings; we help our customers Optimize business performance from OPEX, CAPEX and growth prospective.

Our Skills


TNSS® Global Portfolio Pyramid

A portfolio of our service capabilities that can be sold stand-alone, together with products or included as part of a customer project offering.
Our Solutions are vendor and technology independent, our offering is mainly delivered as customer solution projects.
We specialize in product as part of our solutions to address customer issues not only to enhance the quality of the network but also saving on both APEX and OPEX.
Supporting our customers in Optimizing business objectives, performance and network utilization.